Monday, 30 November 2015

Snow Days

For the last couple of days it has snowed a lot an it's been so cold as well, yesterday it went down to -10°C. Tonight there is supposed to be a snow storm so I hope all the snow wont blow away because it's very powder-y. I love the snow for multiple reasons, it brightens up the darkness of winter, it's a lot of fun, and it's sooooo beautiful! Here are a few pictures I've taken for the last two frosty days.

The "pond" by the city hall 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this short blog post about what has been happening over the last few days. Be sure to leave a comment!

Love, Stella <3

Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Christmas-y Feeling

today I just wanted to sit down and write about my day.

Today I went to visit my grandmother. My aunt and my cousin (who is a year younger than me) also came and we baked a christmas cake. Every year me and my grandma bake a christmas cake, just the two of us, but this year my cousin helped as well. While we were baking we had Christmas music on and it was the first time this winter where I felt so festive. The smell of spice and hot chocolate, and the family getting together made me feel very happy.                                     

Me and my cousin also took a walk by the sea on our way to the shop and back. The sun was just about to set and the weather was very still and it looked so beautiful.

After my aunt and my cousin had left, my uncle, my (other) aunt and their two year old son (my cousin) arrived. We ate dinner together and me and my cousin watched Mickey Mouse, then I went home where me and my mum had a cozy evening.

Hope you liked this blogpost, I'm planning to do more of these in the future. Be sure to leave a comment. 

Love, Stella <3

Friday, 20 November 2015

Last Days of Autumn

Over the last few days I've noticed how all the leaves have fallen off the trees, which means autumn is almost over and christmas is getting closer. But happily I took some pictures before all the pretty leaves were gone.

├×ingvellir, Iceland National Park