Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mixed Emotions

Hello everybody, how are you?

I've been quite busy these past few days. Just got my grades, went to school presentations (I'm starting a new school this autumn and I have to apply to a school like when you apply for university), I also started a photography class in school which I really like so far! Our home assignment for next class is to take a picture with 1.8 aperture and I think I have my picture, but I will see.

This upcoming week my school has their yearly big dance, which is kind of like prom but the class gets together first and eats fancy dinner and then the dance starts.
I think I've decided what I'm going to wear but I'm deciding between two dresses, one from Topshop and the other one from Forever 21, but I still have to find shoes. I bought a pair of shoes yesterday, from Truffle Collection (available on, which I was going to wear but I don't think they're fancy enough and when I tried them on with my dresses today I got really insecure and sad because I didn't think I was pretty enough and everyone would look better and have nicer shoes than me. Also both of the dresses are quite tight so I got really insecure about my body and got a little anxious but I hope it will be fine.

The yearly dance week there is a theme for every day, tomorrow (Monday) is an 80's theme, Tuesday rock, Wednesday sports, Thursday cozy and finally Friday is fancy Friday. So tomorrow I have to dress 80's -y and I'm not sure what I'm going to wear but I've decided my outfit for Tuesday.

But that's all for this blogpost, thanks for reading!

Love, Stella. <3

Ps. I'm also redoing my room so I'll make a blogpost about that soon like I promised :)

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  1. Love your post Stella! Glad you came back online! :)

    BBB XX

  2. Hiya Stella. My advice to you would be to feel comfortable in your own skin. I remember when I was in primary, some of the boys in my class would call me "fish lips". I let it get to me at the time but I really wish I hadn't. When I remember about that I always would laugh to myself and think " Why did I let them get to me"! That was life lesson for me.So what if a dress can't fit you? You should see that as" I'm growing older and more mature and I'm not a little kid anymore." Besides, there's always something that you have that not everyone else has...

    #sweetreats xxx