Sunday, 26 June 2016

Summer Days

Hello everyone, how has your summer been so far?

Well mine has been OK, nothing special, I've mostly been hanging around doing normal stuff and then working, which I don't really like. I mean it's great to get money and all but I don't think it's fun, I don't like the people there (at least the ones on my shifts, honeslty they are all guys and they are such perverts, ew) and it makes me really anxious therefore I have more panic attacks out of the blue and sometimes in work which is really uncomfortable. 

Anyways I make my summer sound really depressing but it isn't really, I mean yes the part I just told you about might sound very depressing but summer has good parts as well. Like for example I got into the school I wanted, yay! And on Friday I went with my dad and my cousin up to the family's summer house which was fun but we were there for a really short time because I was working on Friday 'til four so we didn't get there 'til 18:30 ish and the weather was really bad so me and my cousin just watched movies the whole time and my dad was alone, the whole time. Which I feel very bad about by the way, sorry dad! We watched Bridget Jones which I alway do when I go there, then we also watched, The Perfect Man and two episodes of Desperate Houswives, binge, I know! Normally we'd watch Bridget Jones nr. 2 but we weren't in the mood. 
Well then the day after (yesterday) we woke up quite early and my dad was quite stressed because he was going to France for the European Championship early next morning and he had lots to do. Anyways we packed our things and headed home, well not yet. We drove to the village nearby where we used to go all the time when I was younger. There is a really big swimming pool there and a super cool playground that a man built by himself. It was really nice to visit that place since it brought up many memories. 

When we came home we just chilled a bit and then me and my dad went for a drive and I drove since I have my permit now, yay! Then I went to my mum's since my dad's going to France and there I tried to throw away some old school stuff, which I don't need anymore, while watching Orange Is The New Black. Just started watching that show on Netflix, and it's quite good, better than I thought at least. 

In the evening I played some Sims (hehe) while I waited for the presidental counting to begin. (Yesterday we voted on a new president and I watched the result of the votes, hope you know what I mean) It was quite interesting to watch and exciting as well, although we kind of always knew who would win. So the new president of Iceland is Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and I think he will do a good job. The program also got me thinking that being the president could be fun, never really thought about it that much but who knows? 

That's all for now thanks so much for reading, be sure to comment.

Love you lots xx

Ps: I just realized now that the title is kind of the same as my last post, sorry but oh well.

Here are some pictures I took during my trip hope you like them. 

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