Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Eight Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Exams are starting next Friday and I have to say I am really nervous and stressed but I hope I'll manage. I've also just been exhausted for the last few days and I really need to make time in my day to clear my head and just breathe. So, I made this list of fun and relaxing things to do on a rainy day, and this list might also help me out with relaxing even though it's not a rainy day ;).
  1. Have an at-home spa day. Get out your face masks and bath bombs and have a well deserved relaxing day.
  2. Have a movie/series marathon. Harry Potter, Friends, Disney movies, whatever you like. Sometimes there's nothing better than watching movies and eating popcorn all day.
  3. Read your favourite book again. Because why not? Sinking into a book can sometimes be a nice escape from real life, especially on a bad day.
  4. Bake. I think baking is one of the most fun and relaxing thing to do. Whenever I feel stressed or just bored I almost always bake. If you're feeling creative you could even try and make your own recipe.
  5. Change your room. Change can be a great thing and sometimes you can just get a bit bored of your surroundings so why not change them up a bit?
  6. Make some DIY. There are so many useful and fun things you can make yourself and websites like Pinterest have thousands of great ideas you can try out.
  7. Go to the nearest shopping centre. See what's trending this season and eat unhealthy food (in most cases at least.
  8. Go for a rainy walk. Embrace the rain! I think rain is underrated to be honest haha. Whether you decide to use an umbrella or not you'll have a healthy stroll in the fresh rain air.

Only rainy day photo I had hahah (bit moved but allright)
Thanks for reading, I hope you found these tips helpful whether it's a rainy day or not.

Stella xx

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