Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Flight Essentials

I've been soooo busy lately. I've had 13 exams in 19 days but I had my last one today which means... SUMMER HOLIDAY! I don't have to think about school until August and it feels so good. And even better my dad is taking me to the USA. We'll stay somewhere between Boston and Salem, where my dad went to uni. He's going to show me his old school and the campus, We're also going to meet some of his best friends and I'm getting very excited. We leave Thursday morning and I'm going to start packing tonight, hence, I decided to show you my travel essentials.

  1. Headphones. If I could not have music on flights they would be a lot worse than they already are and more stressing. Music can really take my mind off things and calm me down.
  2. Passport. Well that's quite obvious but still.
  3. Entertainment. Movies, TV-shows or even colouring books can be a must during flights. I normally take both a book and a colouring book with me on board. If my flight does not have an entertainment system I normally take my iPad or just use my phone with downloaded movies or TV-shows on Netflix.
  4. Lip balm and hand-cream. My skin can get really dry during flights so proper moisturising can be essential
  5. Camera. I like to have my camera in my carry-on because then I always have it on me and I can take pictures if I see a photo opportunity.
  6. Earplugs and sanitiser. If you want to sleep without getting distracted earplugs can be a great solution. Hand sanitiser can also come in handy especially if you're anything like me and are a little paranoid about catching the flu.
  7. Sunglasses. If you're landing when it's most likely sunny sunglasses can be a save. But I'm also just very overprotective of my things so I don't want them to break haha.
  8. A little make up. I often bring a concealer and maybe a mascara just to touch up after my flight.
  9. Staying hydrated. Grab a water bottle before you go on the flight and maybe also a soft drink if you fancy one. ;)
  10. Grab a bite. I need to have some kind of snacks with me. I try to stay healthy and take a nut mix or something but I have to take some sweets with me as well hahah.
  11. A bag to store your things. I use my Fjallraven Kånken backpack because it's light and it looks pretty! It's also my school bag. :)

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it can help you plan your next trip. 

P.s. I will also be posting a lot on my instagram stories while I'm away so if you want to see what I'm up to you can follow me @onegirlblogger .

Stella xx

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