Friday, 8 July 2016

Cute Boys From Britain

Hello lovelies, how have you been?
Well I've been busy, or well not really but I've been doing a lot of stuff and taking a looooottt of photos, and for this blogpost I just wanted to catch you up on the things I've been doing for the past few days show you the pictures. (This post is quite chatty but I hope you like it)

On Monday last week, me, my mum, and my brother went up to the west of Iceland to a town called Stykkishólmur where my mum's aunt has a house. We only stayed for one night because I had an orthodontist appointment on Wednesday morning but it was quite nice strolling around the town and we watched the Euro's, Iceland vs. England, which was so exciting and we won!!! I'm so proud of our national team to have gotten so far, although we lost 4-2 to France. Anyways, thank god we didn't skip that orthodontist appointment because I got my upper braces off, yayyyyy, finally after four years! Also on Wednesday I bought some new shoes that I think are stunning, love them, they are the grey Air Max Thea Premium, so gorgeous!

Then I worked both Thursday and Friday and after work on Friday I went to a big dinner party with my dad and all of his childhood friends and some of their kids which was great fun. It was a bit more fun two years ago though because then there were more kids my age. 

On Saturday we drove up to the house in the west again but now my grandma and cousin were there also. In the evening me and my cousin (same cousin as in my previous post; Oh Lovely England) went for a walk around the town and since it's a seaside town we spent a lot of time on the pier. 
Later that evening my mum went to meet her friend from England who was staying in that town for one night with a boy's school group who were travelling around Iceland. Mum had met a few years ago when my mum was her tour guide with another school group. Anyways, she went to meet her and she told us that there might be a few boys around town but we didn't find any. So, we went to the hotel where they were sitting drinking wine and watching the Euro's and there were boys there, hahah. One of the boys, the cutest one too, came and sat next to his teacher and started chatting to us all and both me and my cousin thought "oh, he seems nice", but then he left with his friends to go for a walk and we were going too, but we left a little later so it was a bit like we were following them, which we weren't, well maybe we were, sorry, bit creepy but oh well. 
Nevertheless we lost track of them sometime along the way since we went to a beach that had lots and lots of broken seashells, so pretty, and they matched my shoes, although the picture below was taken the first time I went there, not the time with my cousin, then I was wearing my new ones (not that this matters I just felt like I had to share that haha). Sorry, I'm rambling, well we lost track of the boys and decided to hang around and just stroll around since the weather was so nice. When we were about to get going guess who we ran into? The cute boy from the hotel! He introduced himself and said his name was Henry. Then he asked us if we couldn't sleep either (because it's bright almost all night in Iceland in the summer) and we mumbled something I can't remember. He also said that he had just been chatting to some people he met at the hostel (hostel, not hotel this time) and then he was like "I think I'm going to walk up to the lighthouse..." and we realized afterwards that he seemed a bit like he was hinting he wanted us to come with him but we're probably overthinking it lol. Nevertheless he was really cute and he seemed nice, if you know a blonde Henry who was just in Iceland, let me know hahah ;). (Contact me for more info if needed. Kidding! But no really)

My new shoes, which I really like! :)

Last Tuesday my uncle and I went for a walk right outside of the city and the weather was really nice and I took some pretty nice photos I think. 

I hope you liked this blogpost, sorry it was so long, let me know if you think it's too long, then maybe next time I'll make it into two blogposts instead of one. :)

Love you lots,
Stella xx

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