Saturday, 30 July 2016

England, July 2016

You might be asking yourself where I have been lately and the answer to that is well, where haven't been? For the last few weeks a lot of things have happened and I've not had many "not-doing-anything-days", but I've had some fun. This post isn't about what I've been doing for the last three weeks though, that's a whole other post. So for this blogpost I wanted to tell you about my instant decision of going to the UK to visit my gran and g.gran (great gran).

I flew out on Thursday morning (last week) and landed at Gatwick Airport where my gran came to picke me up. And before we went to my g.gran's we decided to spend the day in Brighton where we did some shopping and went to the beach.

The day after we went around to my gran's sister who had just gotten home from The Alps and her garden was lovely! Then, me, my gran and my g.gran just had a walk nice walk around the village. That evening my gran's sister and her husband came around for dinner and we had a lovely sunny evening.

The day after we went down to Hayling Island in the beautiful weather and had a stroll on the beach. For lunch we went to a cafe called Driftwood Cafe in Emsworth which was so lovely, I had a very nice baked potato jacket, yum! After lunch we looked in a few charity shops and went down to the boat pier. 
When we came home me and my gran took a walk to a small lake in a little "forest". On our way back we stopped at a pub called The Links Tavern and had a small drink.
That evening my gran's sister and husband invited us to dinner and their oldest daughter came too, it was a very pleasant evening.

On sunday morning we got up and had nice morning, I watered my g.gran's plants, had a little stroll in her street, and packed. Before we left we also went for a walk with my g.gran. 
Before we headed to the airport we decided to go to Guiford to do some shopping. (Would you like to see a England haul?) Then we headed up into the skies!

Thank you for reading this blogpost I really hope you enjoyed it. Please comment below if you did. xx


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