Friday, 15 January 2016

Exams and Photography

Hello lovely people, how are you all doing? 
For this blogpost I just wanted to tell you about the last few days and show you a few photographs I've taken over the last few days.

I've been so busy the last two weeks, school just started last week and this week I had two final exams (they're normally in December but they got moved) and then one next week. Also the European Men's Handball Championship just begun today and the game between Iceland and Norway was so exciting, I even shouted a few times and jumped out of my seat. Handball is very big in Iceland and I used to play it when I was a bit younger.

The weather has been very variable this week sometimes it's great and sunny and sometimes it's windy and wet. But here are a few pictures I took on my way home from school about two days ago (Fyi the third one is grass not a crane like my mom thought haha)

This one I took the same day but in the evening

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this blogpost, be sure to leave a comment if you did.

Love, Stella xx

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  1. Hiya Stella!

    Really like this post and I love the title too- Exams and Photography!
    I'm going to create a blog- it won't be like yours but I'll definetly get some inspiration from you!


    1. Thanks love xx, I'm sure you're blog will be great, have you made it yet?

  2. Hi!

    I like this blogpost especially the photographs. I might use one as my desktop background.