Friday, 3 February 2017

Ballet (playlist)

When I was younger I used to do ballet for a few years and as far as I know, enjoyed myself, at least until I wanted to do handball instead. Then I started to do jazz ballet and had one ballet lesson per week which were my favourite classes.
So, when my cousin asked me whether I'd want to start ballet with her again I went for it. I know it's not common and hard to start again at 16 but it's never too late I suppose. So now I've been going to ballet twice a week for a month and it is one of most fun things I do. I actually find myself smiling at some points. In my last class we were doing a jumping and waltz rountine to a song by Tame Impala which inspired me to make this playlist of songs that make me want to dance. I hope you like it can dance to some of the songs. :)

Me in ballet when I was younger also the only girl not in pink haha

Hope you liked this post and enjoyed the playlist.


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