Tuesday, 8 March 2016

My Favourite Beauty Products

For this post I wanted to share with you my favourite beauty products. Some are a bit pricey but others are quite cheap and the value is also good.  I also want to apologise for the change of background in the photos, I was at my mum's when I took some and at my dad's when I took the others.   

Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay
This palette is quite pricey but I'd say it's worth it! The palette contains various shades from nude to dark smokey shades. The shades are also very pigmented, which I love. There is one downside to these shades though. If I don't wear a primer they tend to crease and rub off. It does come with a pack of primer testers that do come in handy. The palette also comes with a two-sided brush.

I've had a few mascaras from Maybelline before and both of them were just OK but this one, WOW! It's so good and it makes your eyelashes look so pretty. I wear it almost every day I like it so much.

I got these cute little palettes from Sephora for Christmas last year and they are sooo good! They both have matte and pigmented shades, and are so easy to travel with!

Wish N°1 Be a Celebrity

Wish N°2 Be A Role Model

Wish N°3 Be A Rockstar

N°4 Be A Hero

N°5 Be A Queen

I just purchased this brow pencil about a month ago and I quite like it. It does keep my brows better in place and it gives them a more colour but I think the pencil goes out too fast, I keep sharpening it. But other than that it's pretty good for the price. (in the colour dark blonde).

This liquid liner is great, both for beginners and people with more experience. It doesn't smudge at all and it dries instantly. Really recommend this liner! 

A cheap powder that's quite good for the price. I feel like rimmel has great products. I have some lipsticks and they're also great! Really want to try their Wake Me Up Foundation. (transparent)

The best concealer I've ever had, it's both cheap and works wonders! All I can say is that this concealer is really good! (Lightest shade)
(Sorry, the letters on the packaging have rubbed off).

I purchased this concealer in December and have been using it almost every day since then. I quite like it, but not as much as the one I mentioned before. I feel like it works best on the bags under my eyes and it does conceal quite well. Might repurchase it. (Lightest colour)

This Lip Balm has saved me the past month! The Blistex lip balms are the best ones on the market I think ( Burt's Bees are also good), at least the basic ones like DCT, Lip Medex, etc. If you don't have a Blistex lip balm and you have sore or dry lips, run out and get one! They are very affordable and they are so good! (again the basic ones are very good but the flavoured ones aren't as good).

Well that's all for this blogpost, I hope you liked it, and comment below your favourites or if you have any of these products. <3

Stella xx

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