Saturday, 19 March 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy!

What a busy week! I've had so much schoolwork this week and just everything has been happening.

On Monday I went to work (I work in a grocery store) and studied for a physics exam.
Then on Tuesday I studied more for the exam and went to a school presentation (because I'm choosing schools for next semester ).
On Wednesday I took the exam, and did well - I hope. After school I went to the dentist, then I went to take same pictures for a photography project and then I studied for a math exam. After that I went to a dodgeball tournament in school and my team got second place.
Thursday I got to visit the university hospital of Iceland with a few kids from my school and a few people who work in the hospital came and told us how it is to work there etc. We also got to see people perform a heart surgery! Well we didn't see the heart itself but we saw all the doctors. But we did get to see an eye surgery on a screen which was really interesting. This whole trip was really fascinating especially since I would maybe like to become a doctor in the future. After school I was working on a political party presentation we had in school on Friday and I also studied.
On Friday I had the political party presentation and the math exam and both went quite well. Annnnd last but not least I am now on a ca. two week easter holiday whooop! And there are only four days until I go to England to visit my great gran. She lives in a small village called Liphook. I will also spend two days in Brighton which is one of my favourite cities. I love the south coast of England, it's so nice being by the sea and the fresh air. :)) Here are pictures from Brighton when I spent a day there last year (which was way too short :( ).

Sorry for this short and maybe-boring post, I just wanted to share this busy week with you all. I hope you liked it anyways and be sure to leave a comment and tel me what you would like to do in the future.

Love, Stella xx

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