Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Goals For The School Year

The school year has officially begun, I've been a week in my new school now and I have to say it's quite hard, at least different, there's a lot of homework but I'll manage. I guess I could say quite like it. Most of my teachers are nice and so are the kids in my class. I think I'll get used to it as the weeks pass by.
When you start a new school it's always a bit frightening, new people, new subjects, etc. So for this school year I decided to make a list of my goals for this year.

  1. Make friends. I really want to make some new friends and I know what people I would like to make friends with but I don't really know how to because it's not like play school when you could just walk up to the person and say: "Want to be friends?", although that would be nice. So any advice well-taken.
  2. Not stress too much. My anxiety tends to act up when there's a lot going on, like exams etc. and this year I've decided to try to be as calm as I can.
  3. Work out more. This point kind of intertwines with nr.2 because working out really helps me relax and I really do feel a lot better when I work out regularly. It also boosts your self confidence which doesn't hurt.
  4. Do my best and not get upset if I don't get the best grade, for example. At least I did my best.
  5. Be positive. Because life is just better that way and I've found that being negative never helps. 

Well, that's all for this blogpost I hope you liked it and be sure to comment what your goals or tips are! :)

Stella xx

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