Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New School - New Everything

Hi everyone, how are you? I know I've been a bit inactive lately but the new school is keeping me very busy but I swear I will try to be more active. I also haven't taken any photos in two months :(.

As you might know I started a new school this semester and so far it's been quite nice, hard, but nice I suppose. I think my favourite subjects are math og spanish.
Although I haven't take a lot of photos lately I did get into a photography committee in school which will be fun I hope!

School isn't the only thing that has been changing but also my home life, my mom just bought a house outside the city so we're moving, can't say that I'm very excited to move since it's so far away for everything and everyone I know. I'm hoping everything will turn out to be ok but I can't say I'm very positive right now.

How has your school year been so far? What are your favourite subjects? Any crushes? Comment below!

That's all for now,
Stella xx

ps. The worst happened the other day, all the photos from my blog got deleted, isn't that the blogger's nightmare? Anyways I managed to add all photos back onto my blog since i had albums on my computer but I'm sorry if anything has changed from how it was originally :) xx

Photo from the beach this summer :)

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