Sunday, 4 December 2016

Winter Must-Haves

Hello lovelies. As winter is upon us it means, at least for most of us, that it has gotten a lot colder and a lot darker in the span of a few weeks. So to survive this dark and cold time I've put together a list of things I find necessary to help me to get through winter.

Good skin-care. As the weather gets colder your skin gets dryer as a result (at least for most people). Here's a list (sorry about all the lists in this post) of my must-haves for winter skin-care.
  1. A good cleanser. For everyday use I tend to use witch hazel, it can dry out your face but I have oily skin so it works well for me and it helps get rid of blemishes (you can buy it in most pharmacies). 
  2. Moisturising. It can sometimes be a bit hard for me to find the right moisturiser because I have quite oily skin but I find that Garnier Moisture+ Matte really works for me (I've mentioned it before in this post). It both moisturises and it doesn't make my skin more oily like some moisturisers. 
  3. Face mask. A good face mask can do wonders but they can also dry out your skin if you don't use a one that suits your skin. At the moment I'm trying a new L'Oreal face mask. I still haven't quite made up my mind whether I like it or not but I'll let you know*. So far it does minimise my pores slightly and it makes my skin more matte, but it doesn't make my skin as soft as some other masks have.
    *Update- I've now tried it a couple times and it works really well if I put it on right after I shower.
  4. Body lotions and hand creams. I've always liked body lotions and butters and I've tried a lot of types. I used to always buy the ones from The Body Shop because they have many scents that I like and they're affordable. However for the past year I've been trying to use less products that have paraben's as they are not supposed to be good for you. So, I have found a great natural body lotion by Lavera that is honestly the best body lotion I have ever had. I love the coconut scent!
    Hand creams are also so important for me because I get really dry hands in the cold and I think Lush's and L'Occitan's hand creams are the best.
Adding brightness to your life. Winter is in many places a very dark time of the year. Especially here in Iceland where in the summer we have almost 24 hours of sunlight but that means that in the winter we sometimes only get 3 hours of sunlight during the darkest times. This much lack of sunlight can actually make people depressed (very common in Iceland actually) and it can really be depressing when you go out in the morning in the dark and when you go home after school it's dark again. I personally think fairy lights and candles really brighten up your world. You can buy fairy lights in many places this time of year, for example IKEA

Dress for the weather. I would personally like to wear playsuits and shorts all year round but I sadly do not live near the equator. However, it is possible to make dressing in winter more fun. You can try all sorts of styles and I do love myself a pair of jeans and to be honest, jeans fit with everything. Christmas jumpers are also the best thing ever so I guess winter does have its perks.

That's all for this post, I hope you liked it and if you did please comment below. <3

Stella xx

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