Friday, 1 December 2017

Gloomy But Great

Exam season has officially begun. After a very quick passing season it is time to prove that I've actually learnt something this term. My first exam, in physics, is today and I hope I'll do good! I've had two days off to study and it was quite nice just staying home revising. Yesterday the weather was really misty and gloomy and you could hear ravens croaking in the distance. I took my dachshund for a short walk into the forest close to my home and it was so wonderfully mysterius, I felt a bit like I was stuck in a Harry Potter movie.
         With my extra free time this month I am plannig to post quite a lot, all sorts of christmassy stuff to get me and others into the Christmas mood!
Hope you liked this short update and will continue to read throughout this December!

Stella xx

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