Friday, 1 April 2016

Birthday Thoughts

Hello everyone,
sorry I haven't posted in  a while but as you might have known I've been in England for the past eight days, I just came home early this morning. There will probably be a post up this weekend. About my trip. I'm also thinking of doing a haul which I hope I'll be able to upload soon. I'm really busy with school since I missed out a few days.

Anyways for this blogpost I just wanted to catch you up on things and also ask you a very important question; WHAT DO I WANT FOR MY 16th BIRTHDAY FROM MY PARENTS?? I know, luxury problem but I really can't think of anything. Any Ideas?

Also trying to figure out what I should do for my birthday party because I want it to be fun, not like these parties where you just sit around and eat pizza and do anything. Although those parties aren't boring I just want us to do something you know? Ideas also welcome here:))

Oh well, that's all. I hope you liked this quite un-interesting post but please comment below you're ideas because I'm blank.  ALL ideas welcome!

Thanks for reading, please comment below. Love you lots.

Stella xx

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