Friday, 20 May 2016

6 Tips On How To Survive Exams

Yes! I've finished all my exams this semester, finally. I did do quite well on all of them so that's good :)
So for this blog post I wanted to share my tips with you on how to survive through the exam weeks.

1. Turn off your phone, computer, iPad etc. whilst studying. Trust me on this one because these things are a time thief and a big distraction ;)

2. Buy snacks, something that gives you energy and makes you focus. I've discovered that chocolate raisins and salted peanuts are a great combo!

3. Organise yourself. Make check-lists with different colours and check off when you've finished going over a certain subject.

4. Exercise. It increases blood flow to the brain and studies have shown that it helps you study. You can even just take a 15 minute walk around the neighbourhood, that's what I did and it really refreshes your mind. I also went out and took some pictures and smelled the new leaves that just blossomed.

5. Reward yourself. Last year I made little post it notes that I hung them on the wall in front of my desk and I wrote rewards on all of them like: an episode of Friends,  15 min break, have a sweet, and other similar things, and if I read 10 pages or so I could get a reward.

6. Find ways to make studying fun! Try different ways of learning methods. You could try making a song to remember certain things or draw pictures, whatever really, just do what you think is fun and try to fold it into your studying.

Good luck!

Bit irrelevant to the subject but since summer is upon us I thought it fit :)

Stella xxx

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