Monday, 2 May 2016

The Solvey Project

Last Wednesday I saw on Snapchat that Louis, AKA funforlouis, had landed in Iceland and him and Dave Erasmus were hosting a Solvey jam in Reykjavik! If you don't know what The Solvey Project is about then it's basically about hearing people's voices from all around the world who want to see and make changes in the world. But if you want to read more about it then click here or/and here.
Anyways me and my friend went to the jam and it was a very interesting thing to be a part of. Especially since Louis and Dave really inspired me, I felt like they were so determined to make a change in the world. After the jam the guys went to meet the president of Iceland which I think went well. After that they went down to a place called Reykjavik Roadhouse where some of the people from the jam (including me and my friend) met them again. There we just chatted and talked to them about Iceland etc. It was very nice spending so much time with them and getting to know them better.
Thank you Louis and Dave for everything and for inspiring me so much!

Stella xx

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