Friday, 27 May 2016

Blue Neighbourhood

Is it possible to be in love with music/art? If it is then I'm definietly in love with Troye Sivan's work.

His music literally makes me speechless and it touches me on so many levels. It can make me feel alive, feel good, feel down, and even all at the same time. Like his Blue Neighbourhood trilogy (link below), I just can't. It honestly makes me want to cry, scream, love, and at the same time feel very warm inside. I can't really explain these emotions but they are so strong. He is such an artist and it is so visible in all his work. Although I have all these emotions his work makes me feel so good.

I used to really like One Direction, I was honestly one of those obsessed Directioners. And I did really like their music but never did it make me feel like this, and when I think about it not much music has. Only writing this post has gotten me shaking and I never thought music could get me so emotional. Have you ever felt like this about something?

I just wanted to share all these feelings with you and tell you what an inspiration Troye is to me and acknowledge his work. I hope you liked this post and please comment below what you think.

Stella xx

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