Saturday, 16 April 2016

Birthdays and Driving Lessons

Hello everyone! How are you today? 
Well, I've been busy! As you might know by my post about my birthday dilemma (I know, first world problems), it was my birthday on April 5th. I apologise for how late this is going up but oh well. 

As I was saying, it was my 16th birthday hence, I get to take driving lessons! I've already taken three and I'm doing quite well (I think). I suddenly feel like such a grown up, learning to drive, and it's so fun, but a bit stressing at times!

But back to my birthday. The day itself was quite nice. I woke up and my mum got me my present from her and my dad, and it was a watch I've been wanting for over a year now, it's from Daniel Wellington and it's soooo pretty! It has a brown leather strap and a rose gold case.

After getting ready and eating breakfast I went to school. My friends had bought me a cake which we ate together in the morning break. Then when I came home my grandmas came over and my dad also, and we had a little tea party.

Then on the friday we went to a fondue party at my aunt's house and this is her very cute dog.

Then on Saturday I took my first driving lesson (eep!) and then I held a party for my friends, we watched a movie and just chatted. Quite nice.

Hope you liked this blogpost, maybe not very interesting, I mostly just wanted to fill you up a bit and show you my photographs. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment! <3

Stella xx

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