Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Fun Questions Tag

This tag was created by Hilda and you can read her post here. I was nominated by the lovely, Laila. You can read her answers here. Well I found this tag very fun and i hope you will get to know me better! <3

1. When is your birthday?
April 5th (just turned 16)

2. What are 3 of your favourite colours?
Hmm I love most colours butttt I think I have to say aquamarines! So pretty!

3. Favourite quotes?
Whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you happy ~ unknown
Do more of what makes YOU happy ~ Alfie Deyes

4. Are you addicted to YouTube?
I was, definietly! But lately I've just had so much to do that I've completely forgotten about it, ooops.

5. What/who are your 3 favourite TV programmes and/or YouTubers?
My favourite TV shows are probably:
Friends, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family.

I would say my favourite YouTubers are:
Jim Chapman, Zoella, and Tyler Oakley.

6. What are 3 qualities you would admire in a best friend?
Someone who is always there for me and treats me like an equal, can make me laugh, and someone who is trustworthy.

7. Do you like your name?
Yeah I'd say so, it means star in Italian and it comes from Latin. I also like that it's pronounceable in almost any language.

8. If you could choose your own name, what name would you choose?
Hmmm I don't know, sryyy

9. What is your fantasy dream?
I would be a wizard, like in Harry Potter/Wizards Of Waverly Place :))

10. Do you wear makeup?
Yeah most days I wear some but not anything heavy, just some concealer and mascara. But if I'm going somewhere nice I like to do a full look.

11. If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about?
This is probably the hardest one yet! I've written quite a few short stories on wattpad, or at least I started them, and I had all the ideas in my head but I just couldn't put them on paper so we'll have to see.

12. What makes you cry?
When something isn't working the way I wanted it to go, or when I'm not feeling confident about myself, when I watch something that touches me, and I'm also pretty certain that I have overactive tear ducts, at least when I laugh, because if I laugh even just a little, I start crying, hahah! It can be pretty awkward since people sometimes say: "it wasn't that funny". But I don't really mind hahah!

13. What makes you angry?
When something/someone is unfair, when people don't appreciate what they have, and/or are really negative.

14. What makes you happy? 
When I'm seeing new things, especially new places, summers, and when I get a new comment on my blog! (sorry it's the same answer as yours laila but it really does make me very happy!)

15. What is 'Fangirling'?
To me it means that you are obsessed and/or like someone very much, like a celebrity, and you kinda freak out every time you see or hear anything about them.

16. What are your 3 favourite snacks?
Apples with crunchy peanut butter
chocolate (oops)
& smoothies (is that a snack?)

17. What are your 3 favourite foods?
& either sushi or lamb :)

18. What are your favourite drinks?
& tea. (Does chai latte count as tea? If not then also chai latte)

19. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Sure! I live in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. I am 16 years old and I love photography, baking, and travelling. I also like to read, and blog!

20. What are 10 random facts about you?
✽ I have a 1 year old brother
✽ I have dirty-blonde hair
✽ My parents are divorced
✽ My shoe size is about 40 (european)
✽ I have blue eyes
✽ I quite enjoy school
✽ I do not have a boyfriend
✽ I can speak Icelandic, English, and Danish
✽ Boys with dimples - Oh my god!
✽ I am an Apple person - sorry samsung

21. What are 3 fun things to do? 
Take pictures, travel, and find soloutions/solve puzzles/fixing things.
(I also love putting together Ikea furniture, It's so fun!!!)

I nominate Autumn Girl, Bella, Maddie and BakingBoutique.

Hope you like this post, be sure to comment if you did! <3

Stella xx

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