Sunday, 10 April 2016

Oh Lovely England

First of all I'd like to apologise for how late this blog post is going up since I came home over a week ago, but better late than never right?

In February my grandma gave me an early birthday present - a trip to England with her and my cousin to visit my great gran. Time flew and on March 23rd the the three of us landed on Gatwick Airport. We took the next train to Brighton where we had booked a hotel for the night.
The day we arrived we checked into the hotel and then we were off! We headed straight down to the beach where we had some ice cream in the sun. After that we strolled around and did quite a bit of shopping (I might do a haul if people are interested). I bought some tops, a pair of trousers and some necessities in Superdrug. When we were getting tired we decided to go to the hotel and wash up. For dinner we went out to a sushi place called YO! Sushi which was quite good but I have to say The Sushi Train in Iceland is better, it has more variety. For dessert we went to an Italian restaurant where we had cake. Then we after that we went down to the Brighton Wheel and we went up but we didn't see anything really because it was so dark. After a long day the three of us went back to the hotel and went to sleep. The day after, we went down to The Lanes and had a look around. We also went into Snoopers Paradise and my cousin found quite a few things she liked but I was most excited about the photo booth 😋. Then before we had to take the train to Liphook, we did a bit more shopping. The train ride to Liphook felt like forever because we had to get out and wait for 25 minutes then we got on the next train which took about 40 minutes. Well we were finally there, but, we had to go to Sainsbury's before we could walk to my great gran's house. But going to Sainsbury's wasn't that bad, I actually quite like going to supermarkets in foreign countries because they have a lot more variety than the ones in Iceland. There was also a cute boy working there so... 😉
After a bit of shopping we finally got to my g.gran's place. It was so lovely to see her after two years, I had really missed her! Later that evening my gran's sister and her husband came around. Also hadn't seen them in forever!

The next few days were lovely, we did a circuit with my gran's sister, husband, and one of their daughters in a place called Devil's Punch Bowl. We also went to Petersfield to do a bit of shopping, I bought a book, some chocolates for my mum and dad, some makeup, and also a blouse in New Look. My cousin also spotted a good looking lad working in Nero's so she bought a pack a popcorn just to be able to speak to him. She did not like the popcorn after all.

On Easter Day the whole flock went to my great aunt's (my grandma's sister), where we met her whole family, three daughters and one son in law. I also hadn't seen them in a long time. It was very nice meeting everyone again and the food was lovely. I also spoke to my great aunt's son in law who is a doctor and since I might be interested in becoming a doctor it was very nice speaking to him. I told him that I liked finding solutions and solving things, and he said that were exactly his interests and one of the reasons he became a doctor. Anyways, we had a great day.

First picture of myself I've uploaded, quite an awkward one too haha!
My cousin

The next two days were also fun, we went to Guilford, which was quite nice, and did a bit of shopping. I bought a Arsenal Jersey (Gunners!!!!). On the way back to the train station I was going to get a few shots of the river when we saw a couple of policemen's standing on the bridge looking into the river like they were looking for something. And my grandma said that they might be looking for a body, and as it turns out on the news that night, they said that a man had jumped in when rescuing his son and he had drowned 😔. The next day my gran and my cousin went to Southampton to look at boats and go sailing (my cousin wants to be a sailor). And because it was actually my gran's birthday, I stayed at home (also not a big fan of sailing) and I baked a carrot cake for my gran.

The last two days we just spent time with the family, took a walk in South Downs National Park, and the last day we said goodbye to everyone and then headed down to Brighton again where we spent three hours strolling around the lanes (went to the photo booth again) and went to a coffee house. Finally we had to go to the airport again and say goodbye to lovely England.

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 Stella xx

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