Friday, 22 April 2016

First Day Of Summer

Hello everyone, how are you?

Yesterday we celebrated the first day of summer. It's always the first Thursday after the 18th of April (don't ask me why). On this day many people go down down and most kids get a little present from their parents/grandparents to use in the summer, like a ball, jumping rope, t-shirts, shoes, etc. I got a t-shirt from my grandma which is yellow and it says: SANTA MONICA LA. CA. and I loveeee it, it's so summer-y. There are also a few parades around town, bouncy houses for the kids, and many sport teams and the scouts have a fundraisers to contribute their activities and work. Since I'm graduating this spring our class is going on a trip together and we have to earn some money to go, so we sold hot dogs, soda, coffee, etc. And we probably sold around 200 hot dogs! I was also so tired after it.

When I came home we threw a birthday party for my brother, whose 1st birthday was on the 20th. The whole family came and it was very nice!

This picture is from the summer 2014 but I thought it was ideal for this post ;)

This upcoming week is going to be soooo busy, I have 4 exams and 2 presentations and then two and a half weeks from now the exams are beginning which means I might not be so active on here for the next few weeks :(.

That's all for now, love you all lots and be sure to comment below. <3

Stella xx

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